BaseCam Electronics offers all the necessary products to create high-quality stabilization systems for photo and video cameras. The technology is based on the direct drive brushless motors, that provides a smooth operation of the system, or the immobility of the subject while shooting. You can find our controllers, brushless motors and other components to create your own unique gimbal for:

Stabilizers for Infrared Cameras, LIDARs & other Devices

Stabilizers for Infrared Cameras, LIDARs & other Devices

The stabilizing system components that we have developed is flexible enough to implement for non-standard solutions in the field of stabilization and camera control.

  • Support for 1-, 2- and 3-axis stabilization (stabilization algorithms change)
  • An opportunity to design a gimbal with non-standard properties (sequence of axes, type of drive, any camera geometry)
  • Ability to track the exact position of a stabilized object (IR cameras, etc.) using the Serial API (using encoders is mandatory)

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