Versions Comparison Chart

Extended Long, OEM
Functions common for all boards:
Serial API for gimbal control and monitoring
I2C magnetometer
Encoders (rotaty position sensors) support
I2C_Drv — external motor driver via I2C bus
MavLink v1.0 autopilot used for gimbal control and IMU corrections
Basecam GPS IMU via UART as a secondary (external) IMU for corrections
Functions which differ:
High-end encoders
Zettlex IncOder, RLS Aksim2, Netzer VLx, iC-Haus iC-MU
via CAN_Driver
CAN-bus interface to the modules
Dedicated SPI and PWM ports for encoders connection shared with other I/O pins shared with other I/O pins
High-grade IMU — as a secondary (external) IMU for corrections
(Vectornav VN100/VN200/VN300, Inertialsense uAHRS, STIM210)
External IMU — gyroscope biases online calibrations
Basecam GPS IMU via CAN bus as a main IMU
MavLink V2.0 with extra messages
Advanced calibrations of gyroscope and accelerometer
Automatic multipoint accelerometer calibration
Collect summary usage statistics in EEPROM; Log realtime data to SD card in GPS IMU module
Motor cogging effect calibration
Encoder non-linearity and IMU-to-motor alignment calibrations
Support of 4th axis to align frame to optimal position
Electronic main power switch, power control and protection
Advanced functions in scripts (loops, variables)

Encoder-enabled vs regular version of firmware

Regular Encoder-enabled
Encoders installation YAW axis (optional) on each motor
Encoder interfaces: I2C, PWM, Analog
Encoder interfaces: SPI
Motor control algorithm synchronous field-oriented
Energy-efficient motor control
Operation in «Follow» mode not reliable: may loose synchronization; not precise never loose synchronization; precise
Unlimited range of working positions (upside-down, rolled to 90, brief-case mode)
Does not requires 2nd IMU on the frame for normal operation
Support of tilted middle or outer motor
Use external high-grade IMU located on the frame for a correction of the main IMU
Set the software-limited range of rotation for each motor
Camera goes to home position at startup and can detect hardware limits (required for working range >360°) Center YAW axis only
(need YAW encoder)
Center all axes + search harware limits

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