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BaseCam RS422 Adapter
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BaseCam RS422 Adapter
BaseCam RS422 Adapter - top view
BaseCam RS422 Adapter - bottom view
BaseCam RS422 Adapter - Legend

RS422 to SPI Adapter

RS422 adapter converts RS422 signal levels to SPI 3.3V logic levels. It allows to connect encoders with RS422 interface to the SPI port of our SBGC32 controllers.


  • Compact size 26.5×14 mm
  • ESD protection of SPI and RS422 lines
  • Compatible with the SPI «encoder» cable of SBGC32 controllers
  • Option to solder cable to the pads

Useful links

Board schematics (99Kb 5.12.2023)
Encoders manual (with the list of supported encoders) (730Kb 22.01.2024)

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