Encoders with SimpleBGC

BaseCam Electronics proposes to developers of end-user devices based on SimpleBGC 32bit controllers implement encoders into their products.

Using encoders with SimpleBGC controllers gives the following advantages:

  1. Prevents motors from losing synchronization and skipping steps.
  2. Provides the information about frame angle and angle of the camera relative to frame, that can be important for some kind of applications.
  3. For many cases it can significantly decrease power consumption by using field-oriented control strategy to drive motors.
  4. Increases instant torque in the same way.
  5. Allows the controller to get information about the camera balance for automatic balancing (with help of extra DC servo motors and moving counterweights).
  6. The firmware also retains an option to adjust camera position by hands.
  7. Increases the precision of stabilization by applying FOC-specific compensations.

Details can be found in the manuals:

* These versions may be outdated. The most actual is english version.

Upgrading to the encoder firmware

All SimpleBGC32 controllers may be loaded by the encoder or non-encoder firmware at your choice, if they have the "encoder-enabled" license. Controllers pusrchased below July 2020 may have non-encoder license. You can change it for free here, indicating the serial number. We also need an email address registered for this device to be sure that you are the owner of this board (you can get S/N and register your email address in the SimpleBGC32 GUI, running the firmware upgrade procedure).

Serial number*
Enter the e-mail address, linked to this device during firmware upgrade procedure.

How to detect serial number of your board

  • Open GUI and connect to the board.
  • Open tab "Upgrade".
  • Serial number can be found in the field "Device SN". Click "Copy to clipboard" button.

To upload the firmware on your board you need to perform the following steps

  • Open GUI and connect to the board.
  • Open tab "Upgrade".
  • Enable "Check for beta versions" and disable "Show compatible firmwares only" to see all available firmwares.
  • Presss "Check" button to refresh list of available firmwares.
  • Select from "Upgrade to version" list the firmware desired which is designated by the name "encoders".
  • Upload it on your board.
  • Configure and calibrate encoders to make gimbal working. The encoder firmware is not fully operational untill encoders are calibrated!

At any time you can roll back to regular firmware.

Bulk Order

For bulk orders populate the form below or send us an e-mail at info@basecamelectronics.com.

Encoders Request

Company name*
Company address*
Company web-site*
Contact person and contacts (name, e-mail, skype)*
Types of developed rigs (specify types of rigs which you intend to use with encoders)*
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