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Basecam on-axis magnetic encoders

Encoder (rotary position sensor) can be used with the SBGC32 controllers running regular or encoder firmware. It supports I2C or PWM connection by your choice.
PCB is specially designed to fit mounting holes of small- and middle-sized motors. A special AS5048B iFlight-compatible version fits motors from iFlight.

I2C interface allows to connect multiple encoders to the single line, each having individual address.

  • AS5048B: address is selected by the soldered jumpers.
  • AM4096: address is programmed from GUI


Dimensions 23.3×25.8 mm
Weight AS5048B - 1.48 g, AM4096PT - 2.18 g, iFlight - 0.70 g
Distance between the mounting holes 16 mm, 19 mm
Diameter of the mounting holes 3.1 mm
Magnet size 6×2.5 mm



SimpleBGC 32bit Encoders (EN) (560Kb 14.02.2023) AS5048B Datasheet (717Kb 13.04.2017) AM4096 Datasheet (3Mb 5.04.2018)


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