SBGC32_I2C_Drv Expansion Module

This module is intended to work as a part of the SimpleBGC camera stabilizer system, performing a motor driver function. Unlike regular scheme, where all motors and encoders are connected to the main board and driven by the single MCU, in the modular scheme each motor is driven by its own MCU, that lets to optimize cabling: encoder is integrated into the PCB for each module, and motor's cable goes to it by the shortest way. Only 5-wire cable joins modules with the main controller. This expansion module is supported only in the encoder-enabled version of SimpleBGC firmware (see Encoders for more info).

Please note: this module is intended for deep integration into motors or gimbal.  It means, that there is no universal board, that can be issued as a separate product.  Instead, we provide only schematics and firmware, and a gimbal manufacturer makes all remaining job to integrate it into his product.


Connection diagram (92Kb 27.03.2015)

Reference Manual (356Kb 5.09.2018)

Schematics (617Kb 17.08.2015)


I2CDrv_1_50_300ns.hex (51Kb 6.09.2018)

Changelog.txt (1Kb 5.09.2018)


I2CDrv_1_51_500ns.hex (51Kb 7.09.2018) - 500ns deadtime for FET-version driver circuit.


Binary firmware and schematics for SBGC32_I2C_Drv module are provided free of charge, limited to use only as a part of the SimpleBGC 32bit controller-based system. Source code is a property of Basecamelectronics and is not licensed.

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