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Revision C

* The images of the controller are schematical and do not contain full details. The provided images and specifications are subject to change.

BaseCam SimpleBGC 32-bit Tiny Rev. C

This controller is a smaller version of SimpleBGC 32-bit 3-axis stabilization. It is designed for building gimbals for small cameras.


  • Built-in IMU sensor, can be used as a second frame sensor or as the main sensor.
  • Has the same set of interfaces as the full-size SimpleBGC 32-bit.
  • Possibility to connect optional Bluetooth module.

Revision C  (active)

  • Fully compatible with the "Tiny Rev. B" in shape, terminals, and mounting holes.
  • Dimensions are 25×40 mm, height is 7mm (pin headers are not installed)
  • Output power capabilities up to 6 times more than in Tiny Rev. A and B, which allows using this board with a wider range of payloads, handling motors from micro-size to 110-size.
  • High-voltage motor drivers are connected directly to the power supply, giving the following advantages compared to Rev. A, B*:
    • overall output current is limited only by the power supply capabilities;
    • can handle high-voltage motors and big motors up to 110 sizes;
    • better reliability
  • Motor drivers have better efficiency (less heat emission at the same output power)
  • MCU with 256k FLASH (2x more than in previous revisions) can support advanced functionality which presents in the "Extended" series of SBGC32 controllers**
 * For maximum current capabilities good thermal dissipation should be provided;
 ** Supported functions depends on the license type. See Version comparison chart
WARNING: drivers in rev.C are more efficient but produce more EM interference compared to Rev. A, B; special actions are required to prevent interference on digital signal lines (I2C or PWM) and nearby electronics:
 - installing filters
on the power supply cable (several turns on a ferrite ring); limiting its length to 70 cm;
 - installing filters on motor outputs and/or shielding the cable:
   - LRC-filter
(see schematics)
   - ferrite ring
on the cable
 - installing filters on the digital signal lines (several turns on a ferrite ring); using twisted pairs for I2C (SDA+VCC, SCL+GND) and/or shielding them;

Revision A (discontinued), Revision B (not recommended for new design)

For more information on Rev. A and B check their product page

The main difference from revision C:
  • low-voltage motor drivers (max. 11V) powered from integrated DC/DC converter, where the overall current is limited by the DC/DC converter max. capabilities (about 1A); can handle only low-voltage motors;
  • MCU with 128k FLASH supports only basic functionality of "Regular" and "Tiny" series;

Revisions A and B may be manufactured in batches by request; we keep a limited number of Rev.B in stock.

The principle of the camera stabilization using brushless direct drive motors


  Revision B Revision C
Size of the board: 40×25x7 mm 40×25x7 mm
Weight 5.84 g 5.45 g
Power supply voltage: 3.7–25 V (1s - 6s LiPo)
5–26 V (2s - 6s LiPo)
Maximum motor current: 1A per motor, 1.5A for all
5A peak, ~1.5A continious per motor*
5V converter output: up to 1A
up to 1A

* Board uses a dedicated PCB layer (almost 100% of its area) for a heat dissipation. The overall current capabilities of 5V regulator and motor outputs are limited by the thermal dissipation; it can be improved installing external heatsink;


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USB Drivers for PC Connection

If controller being connected to the USB port, is not recognized as COM-port, most probably you need to install or update drivers for CP210x chip. You can download driver for your OS from the manufacturer of CP210x.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: The latest version (6.7.4) of driver for Windows may cause problems with delay in data transmission, visible as a big lag of the GUI. In this case, install version 6.7.2 of the driver, which had no such problems. Download version 6.7.2 driver.

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