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BaseCam IMU Rev.B


IMU Rev.C and Rev.B are based on the ICM20608 or ICM20602 sensor.

All versions are compatible in size, shape and connection interface. Newer versions require an appropriate firmware in the main controller.

I2C IMU Rev.A based on MPU-6050 is not recommended for new designs.


Dimensions 18×20 mm
Weight 1.00 g
Distance between the mounting holes 14.2 mm
Diameter of the mounting holes 3 mm

WARNING: For the version based on ICM20602, it's required to upgrade main firmware to version 2.66 and above. You can receive the latest beta version if enable «check for beta versions» in the GUI.

FRAME IMU SELECTION: To use it as a secondary (frame) IMU, it's not enough to cut the «ADDR» bridge. It's required also to solder a piece of wire as shown on the picture


CAD drawing (907Kb 13.04.2017) Case Model for Self-Printing (STL) (130Kb 2.07.2020)


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