Downloads for 32-bit boards

Firmware upgrade

You can check new versions and upgrade firmware from the SimpleBGC GUI application. Download latest GUI, connect board and upgrade firmware at the Upgrade tab. See user manual for more info.

/!\ macOS users: if you experience problems connecting to the board, see description below

Latest beta version: SimpleBGC GUI 2.72.1 - compatible with the latest beta versions of the firmware.

(To become a beta-tester, download the latest beta GUI and enable flag "Check for beta versions" in the "Firmware Upgrade" page to unlock beta-versions of the firmware).

Detailed changelog file (48Kb 1.04.2024)

SBGC32 GUI 2.70b0

* Compatible with the firmware version 2.70b0

GUI Windows, macOS, Linux
SimpleBGC_GUI_2_70b0.zip (19Mb 1.09.2020)
User Manual English
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_eng.pdf (3Mb 22.12.2023)
User Manual Russian
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_rus.pdf (2Mb 18.08.2020)
User Manual French by marcg (for previous version)
SimpleBGC_32bit_manuel_2_6x_FR.pdf (2Mb 14.02.2017)
User Manual Chinese by Zhang Yi (for previous version)
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_6x_chn.pdf (2Mb 20.03.2017)

Release notes

System performance

  • Many bugfixes in firmware and GUI.
  • New «jerks limiter» parameter, which limits the rate of change of acceleration to get smooth S-curve in a speed profile
  • IMU AHRS calculations are improved; added various options to apply correction from the external, high-grade GPS-aided AHRS/IMU («External IMU» tab)
  • Encoder firmware: option to change the width of the software limiter break-down area for each motor
  • Solved a problem with the forbidden Euler angles near gimbal lock (ROLL=90° for PITCH-ROLL-YAW, PITCH=90° for ROLL-PITCH-YAW). Now all axes support fluent 360° rotation («RC» — «Gimbal lock smooth transition»)
  • «Extended» family: improved work near gimbal lock condition by smart correction of the middle motor position, controlled by the new parameter GLOCK_MID_MOT_POS_CORR_RATE
  • Encoder firmware: max. available motor torque is increased by 15% due to the improved FOC algorithm.

Service functions

  • New option «Service» — «Execute action at system start» to activate any function by special combinations of RC/joystick sticks when turning system ON.
  • New option «Service» — «Profile sets» allows creating sets of profiles and switching between them; additional «BACKUP» slot allows automatically to restore the most critical settings if the configuration in EEPROM becomes corrupted for some reason.
  • «Force to a new position by hands» supports snapping to fixed angles of 45° step.
  • Option to connect an external LED and duplicate the main LED functionality («Service» — «Buzzer and LED»)
  • Option to configure a «parking position» — when the selected motor goes outside the user-defined working range, motors are turned OFF automatically, and turned ON again after returning back to the working range («Encoders» — «Do parking outside limits»).
  • User-defined melodies («Service» — «Custom melodies»)
  • On a profile switch, the profile number is signaled by the number of beeps of the buzzer. The LED blink pattern can be configured to show the current profile.
  • New options linked to the mode button's «press» action: «Temporarily force follow» for a fast camera re-position, and «Temporarily disable follow mode» for a quick handle reposition.
  • New option «Service» — «Camera upside-down as working position»: when the gimbal is started with the camera, or frame, or both positioned upside-down, don't try to move to a normal position but keep working with the 180° offset.
  • New option «Tripod mode» for gyro drift compensation when gimbal's frame is steady
  • New parameter «Hardware» — «Misc. hw settings» — «Motor startup delay, ms», to energize motors on system initialization with delay

«Extended» family only:

  • Option to collect basic system statistics and store to EEPROM for further analysis.
  • Option to connect the 4th mechanical axis to optimize frame position (servo motor with the PWM input, or CAN_drv + BLDC motor + encoder)
  • Scripts: add support of temporary variables and basic math operations for using in other commands and for data logging in GPS_IMU; added IF.. GOTO command for program flow control and cycles;

Remote control and new input options

  • New signal source «Step signal source»: its value is incremented by the fixed steps, triggered by the «high» or «low» levels of any assigned RC signal source, allowing to control many system parameters (by linking this signal source to adjustable variable) remotely, and store the set value permanently in EEPROM.
  • Extended calibration of 5 arbitrary RC inputs against «min», «max» and «neutral» points.
  • Option to automatically replace the ADC 1..3 signal source to another RC source, if a device on the ADC input is not connected (auto-detection of the floating pin state)
  • Up to 5 extra push buttons are supported (momentary or latching), allowing a flexible configuration of their actions («Service» — «Extra buttons»)

Safety functions

  • Option to turn OFF motors when they are fully loaded for a long time, to prevent damage when working gimbal is put in the bag, for example («Service» — «Max. time to work under full load»).
  • Menu command «Motors OFF safely» prevents the camera from falling if it's not well-balanced: camera slowly goes to the steady position where motors are turned OFF.
  • «Overall current limit» — if this value is set to non-zero, the controller tries to estimate an overall current consumed by motors and limits if exceeded, preventing battery overload and limiting the controller's overheat.

Advanced calibrations («Extended» family)

  • Fully automatic multipoint calibration of the accelerometer.
  • Current sensor can be re-calibrated
  • Gyroscope biases online calibration using the external IMU as a reference
  • Advanced calibration of 12 parameters of gyroscope using the external IMU as a reference
  • Advanced multi-point calibration of 21 parameters of the main IMU sensor (accelerometer and gyroscope) w/out special equipment
  • New tool for the automatic encoder non-linearity calibration in-place using IMU sensor
  • Motor cogging correction: GUI displays calibration process and resulting LUT

GUI improvements

  • «Analyze» tool can provide more information about system performance (new «Sensitivity» curve).
  • New powerful tool «Optimize» (in «Analyze» tab) allows automatically find the best set of PID parameters suitable for multiple gimbal positions or payloads, satisfying the given requirements for performance vs. stability and the given stability margins in frequency domain. It's an improved replacement for the old automatic PID tuning algorithm.
  • New function «Copy parameters between profiles».
  • Add a group of buttons to indicate the currently active profile and to switch between profiles faster.
  • Better compatibility with the latest Java 8, 9 and latest OS versions.
  • Fixed appearance on high-DPI displays.
  • Firmware upgrade over TCP/IP and UDP is supported.

New periphery and hardware support

  • Support of the new IMU sensor ICM20602 and magnetometer HMC5983, QMC5883L (wrongly labeled «HMC5883L» on some breakout boards).
  • A variety of new encoders. The full, up-to-date chart of all supported models is available in the Encoders Manual.
  • Tilted middle motor allowed in the mechanical configuration.

«Extended» family:

  • New CAN_Drv motor driver with high currents capabilities, running fully-featured FOC algorithms and allowing to move motor driver closer to a motor in a modular system based on a common CAN bus.
  • Add support of external IMU sensors: Vectornav VN100, VN200, Inertialsense uAHRS, Basecam Electronics GPS_IMU v.1.2.
  • Add support of KVH FOG gyroscopes.
  • Add an option to connect a magnetometer sensor directly to I2C port of the CAN_IMU sensor (requires the latest firmware).
  • New order of hardware axes «CAM-ROLL-YAW-PITCH».

Serial API

  • The event subscription model in the CMD_DATA_STREAM_INTERVAL allows the external device to track various gimbal events.
  • Option to forward all serial API commands from all ports to the currently connected port for a debugging.
  • Version 2 with better error protection (CRC16 instead of 8-bit checksum).
  • Documentation is improved; Many commands got extended modes.

UAV connection via MavLink protocol

  • Allow specifying new mounting positions for a flight controller: «Below the middle motor» and «On the camera platform.».
  • «MavLink control mode» — use it to disable the MavLink control and switch to regular RC/Follow control mode. Also, modes can be switched by the corresponding adjustable variable.


GUI Windows, macOS, Linux
SimpleBGC_GUI_2_63b0.zip (8Mb 1.06.2017)
User Manual English
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_6x_eng.pdf (3Mb 22.12.2023)
User Manual French by marcg (for previous version)
SimpleBGC_32bit_manuel_2_6x_FR.pdf (2Mb 14.02.2017)
User Manual Chinese by Zhang Yi (for previous version)
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_6x_chn.pdf (2Mb 20.03.2017)

Release notes


GUI Windows, macOS, Linux
SimpleBGC_GUI_2_60b4.zip (8Mb 7.09.2016)
User Manual English
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_6x_eng.pdf (3Mb 22.12.2023)
User Manual French by marcg
SimpleBGC_32bit_manuel_2_6x_FR.pdf (2Mb 14.02.2017)
User Manual Chinese by Zhang Yi
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_6x_chn.pdf (2Mb 20.03.2017)

Release notes


GUI Windows, macOS, Linux
SimpleBGC_GUI_2_56b7.zip (8Mb 20.01.2016)
User Manual English
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_5x_eng.pdf (1Mb 29.06.2016)

Release notes


GUI Windows, macOS, Linux
SimpleBGC_GUI_2_50b3.zip (8Mb 14.04.2015)
User Manual English
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_50_eng.pdf (1Mb 6.05.2015)

Release notes


GUI Windows, macOS, Linux
SimpleBGC_GUI_2_43b9.zip (6Mb 14.04.2015)
User Manual English
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_43_eng.pdf (813Kb 8.12.2014)
User Manual French (by Nono15)
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_43_fra.pdf (1Mb 26.11.2014)

Release notes


GUI Windows, macOS, Linux
SimpleBGC_GUI_2_43b6.zip (6Mb 20.01.2017)

Release notes


GUI Windows, macOS, Linux
SimpleBGC_GUI_2_42b7.zip (5Mb 14.04.2015)
User Manual English
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_42_eng.pdf (768Kb 5.09.2014)

Release notes


GUI Windows, macOS, Linux
SimpleBGC_GUI_2_42b6.zip (5Mb 14.04.2015)

Release notes


GUI Windows, macOS, Linux
SimpleBGC_GUI_2_41b5.zip (5Mb 14.04.2015)
User Manual English
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_41_eng.pdf (620Kb 26.06.2014)

Release notes

/!\ macOS Users Notice

Always check that you have installed the latest version of the driver for a virtual COM port. You can download it by this link.

There is a known problem with the MAC OS 10.13 "High Sierra" - it does not load driver automatically on demand. If you cannot find a COM port where board is connected, in the "Connection" list in the GUI, try to load the driver manually using the Terminal (go to Applications > Utilities > Terminal in Finder):

sudo kextload -b com.silabs.driver.CP210xVCPDriver

Then restart GUI and check the Connection list again.

This problem will be solved later by new drivers.

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